Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deleting all cookbooks example - very simple tip for me? or YOU?

vagrant@chefws:~/chef-repo$ knife cookbook bulk delete ".*"
All versions of the following cookbooks will be deleted:

apache2              iis                  windows           
apt                  my_cookbook          wordpress         
aws                  mysql                xfs               
build-essential      mysql-chef_gem       xml               
chef-sugar           openssl              yum               
chef_handler         php                  yum-epel          
database             postgresql           yum-mysql-community

Do you really want to delete these cookbooks? (Y/N)Y

Deleted cookbook  aws                       [2.3.0]
Deleted cookbook  yum-mysql-community       [0.1.10]
Deleted cookbook  chef-sugar                [2.0.0]
Deleted cookbook  xml                       [1.2.6]
Deleted cookbook  mysql-chef_gem            [0.0.2]
Deleted cookbook  openssl                   [2.0.0]
Deleted cookbook  yum-epel                  [0.4.0]
Deleted cookbook  postgresql                [3.4.1]
Deleted cookbook  iis                       [2.1.2]
Deleted cookbook  build-essential           [2.0.4]
Deleted cookbook  mysql                     [5.3.6]
Deleted cookbook  php                       [1.4.6]
Deleted cookbook  database                  [2.2.0]
Deleted cookbook  apache2                   [0.1.0]
Deleted cookbook  yum                       [3.2.2]
Deleted cookbook  xfs                       [1.1.0]
Deleted cookbook  apt                       [2.4.0]
Deleted cookbook  chef_handler              [1.1.6]
Deleted cookbook  wordpress                 [0.8.1]
Deleted cookbook  windows                   [1.33.1]
Deleted cookbook  my_cookbook               [0.1.0]

vagrant@chefws:~/chef-repo$ knife cookbook list

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shabby but maybe useful for building chef development environment easily.

I hope this simple script is useful for who want to make chef development environment easily.

Also, I wish somebody modify and develop this code more effectively.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vagrant basic plus multiple servers.

This article shows how to install ubuntu trusty server automatically on Virtual box by using "Vagrant" tool.(